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The Office of Student Counseling Services

The College of Medicine offers on-site academic and mental health counseling through the Office of Student Counseling Services. This office has no involvement in the academic evaluation or promotion of students. The office consists of two licensed psychologists, a psychology fellow, and a part-time office manager. The psychologists and psychology fellow are available to work with individuals and small groups of students with concerns related to academic improvement and personal issues. 

Services provided by this office include academic consultation, for those wishing to improve on academic performance, and/or mental health therapy, for those who have any personal difficulties that have the potential to impact academic performance.  All services provided by this office are free of charge to current COM students. Confidentiality of student concerns and records are maintained at all times, with the exception of those instances when information must be legally and ethically reported.

Academic Services:

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of study skills
  • Improve exam performance; test-taking skills
  • Time management and academic planning
  • Step 1 Planning
  • Evaluate, diagnose, and plan treatment for learning disorders and attention difficulties
  • Help coordinate accommodations and services with the FSU Student Disability Resource Center

Counseling and Therapy Services:

  • Stress and general anxiety reduction
  • Test or performance anxiety reduction
  • Adjustment difficulties
  • Family, relationship, or identity issues
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Anger management
  • Crisis intervention

Scheduling an Appointment:

The best way to schedule an appointment is by contacting the office manager, Ms. Regenia P. Walker:
(850) 644-2078

Contact Information

The Office of Student Counseling Services
Medical Science Research Building
Suite 2301
Phone: (850) 645-6475
Fax: (850) 645-9452