Research Interests

The goal of the Department's research efforts is to study the multiple domains of health and well-being of older adults and to examine how we can best educate further physicians to care for this population. The Department's faculty conduct research on a wide range of topics related to aging, aging policy, health, and healthcare delivery. Below is a list of each faculty member's research and scholarly interests.


Faculty Research and Scholarly Interests
Damaris Aschwanden Personality, cognition, dementia, health, aging, lifespan, ambulatory assessment studies
John Agens Vitamin D deficiency, medical student charting of geriatric syndromes, adverse events after hospital discharge for geriatric patients, the patient-centered medical home
Suzanne Baker Disparities in health outcomes for older adults, depression, research methodology and ethics, medical education
Ken Brummel-Smith Non-pharmacological approaches to geriatric syndromes, end-of-life care, advance care planning in dementia, healthcare policy, use of technology in medicine
Lisa Granville Medical education: competency-based learning, development of clinical skills, use of simulators and standardized patients, assessment of learning outcomes
Clinical topics: urinary incontinence, prostate disorders, falls and gait disorders
Marshall Kapp Legal, ethical, and public policy aspects of health care and long-term care
Paul Katz Long-term care workforce, geriatric education, quality improvement
Heidi Kinsell Access, utilization, and quality of care, healthcare workforce, mental health/substance abuse, health economics, health policy
Mridul Mazumder Neurocognitive and personality disorders, medical education, and ECT
Chris Mulrooney Culture change in long-term care; competency model development and competency-based assessment of healthcare executives, physician leaders, and nursing assistants; leadership development
Xan Nowakowski Health equity issues in the experience and management of chronic conditions as people age
Alice Pomidor Video game learning, older adults drivers, interprofessional medical education
Niharika Suchak Assessment tools for learning outcomes in medical education, transitions of care, functional status, patient care planning with use of Resident Assessment Instruments (RAI), interprofessional teamwork and team-based care
Antonio Terracciano Aging, personality, genetics, health, neurodegenerative diseases, cross-cultural studies