Safety Equipment

Procedures with a potential for creating infectious aerosols or splashes are conducted in the biological safety cabinet.

Face protection (goggles, mask, face shield or other splatter guard) must be used for anticipated splashed or sprays of infectious or other hazardous material to the face when the microorganisms must be manipulated outside the biological safety cabinet.

A Protective laboratory coat and gloves are to be worn when performing any work involving samples. The lab coat is to remain in the facility. Soiled lab coats are to be disposed of in the biohazard waste. Gloves are to be disposed of when overtly contaminated, and removed when work with infectious materials is completed or when the integrity of the glove is compromised. Disposable gloves are not washed, reused, or used for touching clean surfaces (keyboards, telephones, etc.). They are not to be worn outside the lab. Hands are to be washed following removal of gloves.

The biosafety cabinet provides additional protection. Loss of adequate airflow in the BSL 2+ biological safety cabinet will trigger an alarm on the cabinet. All work must immediately be terminated. The worker must immediately close all open containers. The worker should remove all protective outer clothing and exit the room, leaving the door to the BSL 2+ room closed. The loss of adequate airflow must be reported to the director immediately upon exiting.