Students Interested in Global Health


Students Interested in Global Health (SIGH) is a student organization founded at Florida State University College of Medicine that aims to provide medical students with a global perspective on healthcare delivery in developing countries. SIGH aims to accomplish this through inviting speakers with sound knowledge and experience in providing care in developing countries, providing forums for medical students to share their medical service learning experiences with fellow colleagues, and ultimately providing winter, spring, and summer medical service learning experiences to Nicaragua through the 4 years of medical training. Through these practices, SIGH hopes to encourage within the enthusiastic medical student a deep understanding and appreciation for global health and the impact it has on the future of health care practices and delivery.

The medical team for the Spring 2017 service learning trip to Los Cedros, Nicaragua.  Consisted of 2 faculty members, 2 FSU alum physicians, 3 fourth-year medical students, and 12 first-year medical students.

Medical Student Sam Pavlock practicing her skills by taking a patient's blood pressure in rural Calle Nueva.  

Dr. Van Durme, team leader and SIGH faculty advisor, listens to the heart of a patient and old friend, an elder in the community who has been coming to our clinic for many years.

After playing a pick-up soccer game, a group of medical students and some children from the community pose for a silly photo.