Behavioral and Systems Biology

Behavioral and Systems BiologyIn this research focus area, faculty investigate the neurobiology of behavior, pharmacological and environmental effects on the nervous system and behavior, psychiatric disorders, diseases of the nervous system, genomics and genome-wide association studies, neuronal circuitries, epigenetic impacts, and modeling of complex biological processes.


Faculty Research Interests

* Indicates faculty currently recruiting graduate students

  • Michelle Arbeitman Ph.D. ***
    Sex differences in development and behavior.
  • Pradeep Bhide Ph.D. 
    Developmental neurological and psychiatric conditions including ADHD and early-onset generalized dystonia.
  • Judy Delp Ph.D
    Cardiovascular adaptations to aging and exercise training. My lab is especially interested in understanding how exercise training reverses microvascular dysfunction that occurs with advancing age.
  • Mohamed Kabbaj Ph.D. ***
    Epigenetics of social behaviors and neurobiology of sex differences in anxiety and depression.

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