About OIT

The Office of Information Technology offers a wide range of resources and are available for consultation to help you navigate the environment. We are located in the Thrasher Building Suite G102, by phone at 850-644-3664 or email at Service.Desk@med.fsu.edu.

OIT consists of three teams to support your needs:

Information Management Team is responsible for managing the data, the information, and institutional knowledge at the CoM.

  • Application development and support
  • SharePoint support & training
  • Website content & design management

Information Technology Team manages the infrastructure that exists at the CoM. It is easiest to think of IT as the tangible aspect of technology, the things you can see, touch, and experience.

  • Collaboration & messaging services
  • Server & storage management
  • Video conferencing

Security & Privacy Team is responsible for the maintaining compliance with local, state and federal laws. The team assess risks and formulates mitigation plans.

  • HIPAA training
  • Risk assessments
  • Education and outreach