The Florida State College of Medicine has technology enhanced classrooms and conference rooms. For information on how to use these rooms please see the articles below.

Classroom Technology Guide

Conference Room Technology Guide

Demonstration of the room technology or assistance with room set up is available by putting in a ticket with the Service Desk



The College of Medicine currently uses Zoom as our main teleconferencing platform. To log into your Zoom account and learn more about FSU’s Zoom features visit

Most College of Medicine issued laptops come with a built webcam and microphone combo. If conferencing from a desktop external webcam and microphone devices are available from the Service Desk.

Things to Consider

When participating in an audio/video conference:

  • The quality of your experience depends heavily on the quality of your Internet Service Provider. Unfortunately, we cannot control all aspects of the quality of the conference.
  • Please be available to connect to your meetings several minutes before the scheduled start time to give enough time to resolve any technical difficulties, and making sure you’re able to connect.
  • Please be sure to position your camera so that other participants can see you (ie: not at the celling, or very top of your head).
  • For best lighting, place the light source behind, not in front, of the camera. Close Blinds and avoid sitting in front of windows.
  • Don’t forget to mute the microphone when not speaking to prevent feedback and interruptions from background noise.


AV Help

Need help or have questions?

Main Campus
Help Desk 850-644-3664
Email the help desk


Matt Fisher A/V Specialist


Regional Campus
Contact your regional IT support person