Things to Consider

When partcipating in an audio/video conference:

  • The quality of your experience depends heavily on the quality of your Internet Service Provider. Unfortunately, we cannot control all aspects of the quality of the conference.
  • Please be available to connect to your meetings several minutes before the scheduled start time to give enough time to resolve any technical difficulties, and making sure you’re able to connect.
  • Please be sure to position your camera so that other participants can see you (ie: not at the celling, or very top of your head).
  • For best lighting, place the light source behind, not in front, of the camera. Close Blinds and avoid sitting in front of windows.
  • Don’t forget to mute the microphone when not speaking to prevent feedback and interruptions from background noise.


Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence

Jabber Video is a personal video conferencing software client that you can install on your computer.  As a user, you will be able to see and hear fellow particpants and they will be able to hear and see you, as well as share content as needed back and forth.

IMPORTANT:  Cisco Jabber Video may need to be configured to connect to the FSU College of Medicine's video conferencing infrastructure before it will allow you to sign in.  Refer to the configuration guide below on how to do this for your appropriate client.

Downloads Troubleshooting & Help Guides Online WebHelp

Jabber Video for WIndows*
Jabber Video for Mac OS X
current version 4.8.12

Configuration Guide
Forgot Username/Password
Provisioning Error
Windows Graphics Driver

Mac OS X

* FSU College of Mediicine owned computers running Windows 10 must download Jabber Video from Software Center. Software Center can be found in the Start Menu under Microsoft System Center, or by typing "Software Center" in the search box.


Cisco PrecisionHD USB Camera

If you utilize a PrecisionHD USB Camera with Jabber Video or other video applications, there might be on occasiton a software update for it, which can be found below.

The software update can be run from any of the following system types: Windows, MAC OS X, or Linux.

Downloads Check Your Version of Camera Software

PrecisionHD USB Camera Software
current version CC1.5.0

  1. Start Cisco Jabber Video.
  2. Enable self-view (refer to the WebHelp if needed).
  3. Close the camera's lens shutter, the grey ring at the front of the camera.
  4. Version number will appear in the self-view at one of the corners (ex: CC1.5).


AV Help

Need help or have questions?

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Regional Campus
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