LastPass: The College of Medicine Password Manager

lastPassDo any of these sound familiar to you:

  • I keep a post-it note with my password under my keyboard.
  • I have a list of all my passwords on my computer or phone.
  • I only use a few passwords online, so I'll never forget them.
  • I forget my password and have to reset my password all the time!
  • UGH! I hate technology!

Let's face it, cyber security is hard sometimes, so we have a treat for you... We are introducing LastPass, a secure password manager where you can store all of your passwords and know they are safe.

You've probably heard IT say it before... "change your password", "use a secure password", or "use different passwords on different websites" but what does that really mean and how can you keep track of everything if you did? That's where LastPass can help. You create one strong password and that's all you have to remember. LastPass will remember all of your passwords for you, and even help you use complex and different passwords for each website you visit. And even works on all of your devices and all web browsers.

Get started today! Visit to register for your free account for a safer, easier, online experience today!

Once you've setup an account, get the most out of LastPass by installing the browser extensions for your PC or your Mac. Also make sure you have your passwords with you on the go by using the mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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