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Tobacco Free Florida’s AHEC Tobacco Program
at the FSU College of Medicine

The Area Health Education Center (AHEC) at the FSU College of Medicine was established as part of the authorizing legislation which created our 21st century medical school. Located in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine, the AHEC program supports the College’s mission and has a focus on developing clinical training opportunities for students in rural and medically underserved areas and supporting the College’s wide-ranging youth mentoring programs. The FSU AHEC Program is part of an extensive, statewide network of university and community based AHECs.

In July 2007, the Florida legislature appropriated funds to establish the AHEC Tobacco Training and Cessation Program. The overall goal of the AHEC Tobacco Training and Cessation Program is to strengthen the capacity of Florida’s healthcare system to deliver effective evidence-based tobacco use treatment. The FSU AHEC has a unique focus on training the behavioral health workforce to deliver tobacco cessation treatment and better serve the needs of people with mental health and substance abuse disorders whose extremely high tobacco use rates exacerbate existing health disparities.

In 2010, FSU AHEC established its Tobacco Treatment Specialist Foundation Course which is an internationally recognized training program that is accredited by the Association for Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence (ATTUD). As a supplement to the foundation course, FSU AHEC provides statewide training for facilitators who deliver community based tobacco cessation groups.


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In the Spotlight

  • First and second year medical students receive training on tobacco cessation treatment and opportunities to become involved with group cessation classes

  • AHEC Director Andrée Aubrey, MSW, LCSW, CTTS trains Tobacco Treatment Specialist class members about addressing tobacco in behavioral health.

  • Group members collaborate during the Tobacco Treatment Specialist training.

  • A recent class works together on case studies during our Tobacco Treatment Specialist training course.

  • Mary Dailey, Assistant AHEC Director and CTTS, introduces speaker Brigitta Nuccio, PA-C, CTTS at a recent Tobacco Treatment Specialist training.

  • Dr. Les Beitsch, Professor and Department Chairperson, reviews the history of the tobacco industry and the tobacco control movement.

  • Andrée Aubrey welcomes the newest member of the AHEC team, Rebecca Carter, MSW, TTS.

  • Soheyla Mahdavian, PharmD: speaker on Pharmacotherapy and Nicotine Replacement Therapy

  • Brigitta Nuccio, PA-C, CTTS: speaker and Quit Smoking NOW Facilitator trainer

  • John Hughes, MD, board certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry, has over 380 publications on nicotine and other drug dependencies and is one of the world’s most cited tobacco scientist.

  • Les Beitsch, MD, JD, Chairperson of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine, leads a discussion about the public health perspective on tobacco control programs and policies for the Tobacco Treatment Specialist: Foundation Course.

  • Brittany Myers, from the Suwannee River AHEC, manages all of the conference arrangements and CME/CE for the Tobacco Treatment Specialist Foundation Course, annual re-certification conference, and annual training for Tallahassee's Council of Advance Practice Nurses.

  • Health professionals from around the nation attend the Tobacco Training Specialist: Foundation Course, one of only ten nationally accredited programs in the US.

Contact Information

Director, AHEC Program
College of Medicine
1115 West Call Street
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4300
Phone: 850-645-6439
Fax: 850-644-1737

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