The curriculum is designed with the belief that one best learns the skills necessary to practice emergency medicine in the Emergency Department, from emergency physicians. We emphasize critical care, and the development of emergency ultrasound skills. We expect our residents to learn to care for the sickest patients from day one of their training, with ample back-up from our experienced attending staff. Rather than completely mandatory off-service rotations, we offer selectives (available in virtually any specialty) to allow the resident to direct their own education based upon their experience and prior education, giving each physician the ability to work in those areas where they desire further clinical exposure.



  • Emergency Medicine, 5 months
  • Pediatric EM, 1 month
  • Trauma, 1 month
  • MICU, 1 month
  • Cardiology, 1 month
  • OB/GYN, 1 month, with Emergency Ultrasound requirements
  • Combined month: Anesthesia and Emergency Ultrasound
  • Selective: one month


  • Emergency Medicine, 6 months
  • Pediatric EM, 1 month
  • EMS, 1 month
  • MICU, 1 month
  • PICU, 1 month
  • EM administration and leadership, with emergency ultrasound requirements, 1 month
  • Selective, 1 month


  • Emergency Medicine (adult and pedi) 9 months
  • Trauma/ SICU, 1 month
  • Research, 1 month
  • Selective, 1 month