Workshops and Seminars



Basic Introductory Session  

(Constitutes 2 total hours and are prescribed for Clerkship Faculty Who Teach on Required Clerkships)

  • Fundamentals of Teaching in the FSUCOM Clinical Education Program I
    Offered Routinely  (each 2 hour workshops)
  • The 5 Microskills of Clinical Teaching 
  • Handling Challenging Teaching Situations
  • Clinical Teaching Pearls from Your Colleagues 
  • Using Knowledge of Personality Types to Enhance Teaching  
  • Effective Clinical Teaching: Views from Our Learners
  • Best Practices in Clinical Teaching: Facilitating Learners’ Metacognitive Skills
  • Writing Letters of Recommendation for Residency
  • Teaching Students Evidence Based Approaches to Reducing Medication in Older Patients
  • Building on What Students Learn in Years 1 & 2
  • Generational Differences: Implications for Teaching/Learning
  • Strategies for Teaching Procedural Skills
  • Covey’s 7 Habits Applied to Clinical Teaching
  • Identifying and Preventing Academic and Non-Academic Difficulties in 3rd & 4th Year Students
  • Teaching Students About Smoking Cessation Strategies for Pregnant Patients
  • Teacher-Student Relationships in Medical Education: Boundary Considerations
  • Clinical Teaching for Residents
  • Professionalism as a Developmental Process for Residents
  • Advanced Feedback Skills
  • Advanced 5 Microskills of Clinical Teaching
  • Teaching Clinical Reasoning in the Apprenticeship Model
  • An Important Passport to Teaching: Motivating Learners
  • Brief Motivational Interviewing to Enhance Student Application in Patient Interviews in Education
  • Fundamentals for Inspired FSU COM Clinical Educators: Helping You and Your Students Prepare for Leadership
  • Rational Medication Management of Older Patients
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Teaching Clinical Reasoning
  • FSU CoM Clinical Research Network (Muszynski)
  • Implicit Bias and It’s Impact on Behavior
  • What Can a Clinician Educator Learn From a Coach?
  • The Application of Emotional Intelligence to Medical Student Development
  • Integrating Learners Into Your Busy Practice: Tips, Tactics and Techniques
    Medical Informatics
  • picture
  •  (each 2 hour workshops)
  • Medical Informatics: Introduction to the Maguire e-library and Mobile Resources
  • Medical Informatics: Searching and Accessing Full Text Journal Articles
  • Medical Informatics: Selecting the best Evidence-Based Medicine Resources (Web and Mobile)
  • Medical Informatics: Finding and Using Drug Resources (Web and Mobile)
  • Medical Informatics: Patient Education Materials
  • Medical Informatics: Point of Care Decision Support Tools (Web and Mobile)
  • Medical Informatics: Introduction to Mobile Medical Apps: Selecting and Loading Resources
  • Medical Informatics: Finding and Using Medical Images and Videos in PowerPoint
  • Medical Informatics: Teaching Medical Students to Document in the EMR Era
  • Medical Informatics: Social Media and Medicine
  • Medical Informatics: Prescribing Medical Apps to Patients
    Workshops offered on Limited Basis or by Special Request
  • Teaching a Humanistic Approach to Risk Management
  • Caring for and Teaching Your Students About Older Patients: When Can Collaboration With Attorneys Actually Be Helpful? Kapp
  • Interprofessional Education Opportunities in Medical Education: Focus on Subacute Care and Long Term Care-Agens
    Online Modules
    Basic Introductory Modules
    (These workshops are offered at each regional campus. It is desired that clerkship faculty attend these workshops when they are presented in the live format. However, with the permission of the Regional Dean, any of these modules can be substituted for the workshop.)
  • Fundamentals of Teaching in the FSUCOM Clinical Education Program II
    Additional Modules for Faculty Development and CME Credit
  • Learning Theory Applied to Clinical Teaching
  • Effective Strategies for Giving Feedback 
  • Effective Teaching: How to Plan and Present
  • Reflections on Feedback from Students
  • Teaching Students about Other Tobacco Products
  • Teaching Students to Treat Tobacco Dependency in Pregnant Women
  • Teaching Students to Treat Obesity in Adolescents Using Behavioral Interventions
  • Advanced Feedback Skills
  • Reducing the Potential for FSU CoM Student Mistreatment: Maintaining a Safe, Respectful, and Supportive Learning Environment
  • What the Cognitive and Learning Sciences Have Discovered About Educating Our Medical Student Learners in Basic and Clinical Sciences
  • Competency-Based Assessment of Students in Clinical Setting
  • Integrating Learners Into Your Busy Practice: Tips, Tactics, and Techniques