Clerkship Faculty Requirements


The Florida State University College of Medicine recognizes the need for the continued growth and development of its faculty, in order to provide high-quality medical education programs which:

  1. Include new developments in and knowledge about academic disciplines in medical education;
  2. Reflect new or innovative curricular, instructional, research, or institutional policy decisions, approaches, and strategies; and
  3. Meet the changing needs and expectations of society and students.

The development of all faculty is considered essential in order for them to remain current in the educational, clinical, and research areas. Faculty development is a process by which medical school faculty, including those teaching in community clinical settings, work systematically to improve their:

  1. Knowledge of current educational theory, practices, and instructional skills;
  2. Leadership skills;
  3. Scholarship skills; and
  4. Skills in designing and implementing a professional development plan.


The mission of the Office of Faculty Development is to parallel the College’s ultimate goal of optimizing the education of medical students across the continuum of medical education. The College’s proximate educational goal is to maximize each of its student’s potential to provide high-quality compassionate care to patients in the 21st century. Our culture should empower our faculty to continually work toward improving the College’s curriculum and educational delivery systems, by expanding their own professional skills and achieving their career aspirations. Faculty development activities address the multiple roles of our faculty members such as facilitator, advisor, mentor, clinician, leader and researcher.


While faculty are responsible for their own continued professional development, it is essential that the College of Medicine provides relevant, planned, and organized faculty development programming in order to ensure professional growth in accordance with the College’s educational mission and goals. Community-based faculty are essential to the mission of the College in the training medical students in the clinical setting. As a part of their professional development, regional campus faculty are expected to meet, in a timely manner, all faculty development requirements as a member of the Florida State University College of Medicine. It is also expected that each regional campus faculty member engages in professional development activities on a continuing, long term basis, as stated in their initial appointment letter.


  1. Clerkship faculty who teach required M3/M4 required clerkships;
    1. Initial Two Year Appointment:
      1. New faculty members will need to accumulate a total of 6 hours of faculty development during the initial 2-year appointment period. At least four (4) of these hours will need to be completed prior to teaching a student. Before the end of the initial two year period, faculty will need to complete at least 2 additional hours of faculty development.
      2. These hours can be completed in any combination of the following activities, as long as at least two of the initial four hours are completed by attending a prescribed 2-hour workshop titled “Fundamentals of Teaching in the FSUCOM Clinical Education Program I” and the online module, “Fundamentals of Teaching in the FSUCOM Clinical Education Program II”. Under extenuating circumstances completion of prescribed modules or meetings with the campus dean, clerkship director or campus director can be substituted for attendance at a workshop.
    2. Subsequent Appointment Periods:
      1. Complete a minimum of 2 hours annually at a live session (e.g. workshop, education director meeting, clerkship director meeting, meeting with campus dean, or campus director), or via an online education module. Attendance at conferences with curriculum specific to teaching are acceptable.
        Updates on curricular changes will be provided to all faculty.
  2. Elective Faculty, Clinical Faculty who Teach M1 and M2 required Clerkships or Faculty Teaching in the Chronic Care Longitudinal Curriculum
    1. Initial Two Year Appointment:
      1. a. Complete a 2-hour orientation on the “Fundamentals of Teaching in the FSUCOM Clinical Education Program I” prior to teaching a student. This can be done via a live workshop, or through online training modules.
  3. After the initial appointment period, community faculty may, at the discretion of the Regional Campus Dean, earn faculty development hours through attendance at professional meetings, conventions, or conferences related to teaching and instruction. Faculty development credits may be accepted from other medical institutions at the discretion of the Regional Campus Dean.
  4. CME is awarded for most faculty development workshops and is usually awarded for structured group meetings led by Education Directors when they meet with clerkship faculty.