Rationale for Small Group Learning

Reasons for Using Small Groups to Foster Learning (Adapted from Fostering Learning in Small Groups by Jane Westberg and Hilliard Jason)

  1. Learners gain a sense of ownership of the learning process.
  2. Helps learners build their own knowledge. Knowledge built is knowledge understood.
  3. Provides an environment for learners to practice skills in a safe environment so that skills will be more rehearsed when applied in the "real" setting.
  4. Provides opportunity to learn effective group process and be part of a team (a "learning team").
  5. Provides opportunities for enhancement of communication skills.
  6. Provides opportunities to give and to receive feedback.
  7. Provides opportunities for learners to learn from each other rather that the "experts" who sometimes cannot explain content at the level needed by the learner.
  8. Helps learners understand others points of view.
  9. Provides a supportive environment.
  10. Provides opportunity to learn by teaching/sharing.