General Body Meetings

CELLS offers many opportunities for members to learn more about research, get involved with service events, meet new friends, and learn about different science careers. 

Workshops are offered throughout the academic school year, providing information on:
  • Emailing professors
  • Creating a resume/CV
  • Finding and applying to research labs and internships
Service events are offered through CELLS.  Past service events include:
  • United Way
  • Leon County Science Fair
  • FSU Brain Fair
  • Brain Bee
  • Tallahassee Science Festival
  • Lott's Garden
CELLS Socials include:
  • FSU Rez
  • Bowling at the Union
  • At every meeting!
Private tours of labs and research facilities include:
  • FSU College of Medicine Translational Lab
  • College of Medicine Flow Cytometry Lab
  • FSU MRI Lab 
  • The FSU National High Magnetic Field Laboratory 
  • Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine
  • FSU Chemistry Department Labs
  • John Fox Nuclear Physics Accelerator Laboratory
  • GradShad Graduate Student and Lab Shadowing
Conference Travel supported by FSU SGA

April 2019: NCUR National Conference for Undergraduate Research, Atlanta, GA
April 2018: University of Florida Conference on Integrative Medicine, Gainesville, FL 

Presentations by influential faculty and researchers on current projects and discoveries

Zucai Sou, PhD, College of Medicine, Biomedical Sciences
Frank Johnson, PhD, Director, FSU Program in Neuroscience
Rob Glueckauf, PhD, College of Medicine Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine
Hengli Tang, PhD, FSU Department of Biology