Course Objectives

These clerkship objectives reflect the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the overall COM competencies and educational learning objectives as noted below. By the completion of the clerkship, students will be able to:

Topic 1: Demonstrate in depth knowledge in the care of the hospitalized internal medicine patient:
SLO 1.1 Utilize appropriate decision support resources and PDA/Smartphone resources in managing inpatient internal medicine problems
SLO 1.2 Analyze and apply principles of evidence based medicine in making diagnostic and management decision in internal medicine through the use of interpretation of current medical literature
SLO 1.3 Demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate clinical pharmacological principles in using medication to manage common inpatient internal medicine problems
SLO 1.4 Demonstrate the ability to conduct a focused medical history and targeted physical examination appropriate to the patient’s chief complaint
SLO 1.5 Demonstrate the ability to diagnose and present a treatment plan for commonly occurring internal medicine illnesses in the inpatient setting
SLO 1.6 Formulate and apply effective transitions for patients between different care settings in the continuum of care
SLO 1.7 Demonstrate application of the principles of patient safety


Topic 2: Demonstrate understanding of the risks, benefits and indications appropriate to the level of education for the following procedures:
SLO 2.1 Insertion of nasogastric tube
SLO 2.2 Insertion of Foley catheter


Topic 3: Demonstrate the following professional and communication competencies:
SLO 3.1 Apply the biopsychosocial model and patient-centered method to the understanding of patient presentations in the inpatient setting
SLO 3.2 Demonstrate understanding of ethical principles and their application to patient care
SLO 3.3 Demonstrate effective communication skills with a diverse array of patients and members of the healthcare team in the inpatient setting
SLO 3.4 Apply principles of end-of-life care with a patient and family
SLO 3.5 Demonstrate the ability to clearly and concisely present oral and written summaries of patients to members of the healthcare team, with relevant information and synthesis of clinical information


Topic 4: Demonstrate understanding of the following broad inpatient internal medicine topics:
SLO 4.1 Abdominal pain
SLO 4.2 Acute gastrointestinal bleeding
SLO 4.3 Acute neurologic changes, including seizure, stroke, TIA
SLO 4.4 Acute pulmonary edema
SLO 4.5 Acute renal failure
SLO 4.6 Altered mental status
SLO 4.7 Arrhythmias
SLO 4.8 Chest pain
SLO 4.9 Electrolyte disorder
SLO 4.10 Fever
SLO 4.11 Glycemic control, including diabetic ketoacidosis
SLO 4.12 Hypertensive emergencies
SLO 4.13 Nausea and vomiting
SLO 4.14 Pain management
SLO 4.15 Respiratory distress
SLO 4.16 Shock and sepsis
SLO 4.17 Substance abuse/overdose/drug withdrawal
SLO 4.18 Syncope


 SLO=Specific Learning Objective