Our Program will produce skilled, autonomous forensic pathologists in a collegial setting. Graduates will comprehend disease from a pathophysiological perspective and be prepared to practice independently. They will coordinate care and frequently work with forensic analysts, office staff, autopsy technicians, law-enforcement personnel, and attorneys. Research and other scholarly activities are to support this vision, prepare our graduates to become diplomats in Forensic Pathology certified by the American Board of Pathology, and practice in a variety of settings.


The District One Medical Examiner’s Forensic Pathology Fellowship Program shares the same mission as Florida State University College of Medicine. We train compassionate, skilled, and professional subspecialists to provide high quality forensic pathology practice for the community. Fellows will learn from experienced faculty how to excel in the performance of autopsies involving traumatic and non-traumatic deaths, develop effective communication skills, and become independent practitioners of forensic pathology to aid in the forensic pathologist shortage in the U.S.

Why choose us

The Forensic Pathology Fellowship Program at the District 1 Medical Examiner’s Office (D1MEO), sponsored by Florida State University, provides subspecialty training in forensic pathology. During this one-year course, the fellow will receive incremental responsibilities with the aim of developing and using skills in forensic pathology. At the midpoint of the program, they should be making independent decisions including autopsy diagnoses and determination of cause and manner of death. Progress through the course is supported by evaluation, supervision, and teaching from each faculty member, overseen by the program director.

About the Program

The goals of the Forensic Pathology Fellowship Program at Florida State University are:

  • To aid in the amelioration of the forensic pathologist shortage in the U.S.
  • To provide fellows with the resources and skills to become independent practicing forensic pathologists.
  • To provide a collegial setting in which curiosity for research, teaching, writing, and interdepartmental consultation are encouraged. 
  • To guide the fellow in developing effective communication skills through court testimony, presentations, and teaching. 
  • To emphasize the weight of the responsibilities of our profession. 
  • To achieve competency in the milestones set forth by the ACGME: patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, and systems-based practice.

Contact Us

Shy Carson
Program Coordinator

Phone: (850) 332-7300
Address: 2114 Airport Blvd Ste 1450
Pensacola, FL 32504