Humanities and Medicine

“An excellent medical professional is not only well versed in the sciences, but also in the arts!”Logo

Welcome to Humanities and Medicine (HAM)! Medicine is not purely a science, rather it is a discipline that demands knowledge of many fields, including the arts. We at HAM believe that exposure to the humanities is an essential part of being an excellent caregiver and medical professional. The humanities continually challenges us to grow, question our current ideas and ultimately, broaden our perspective of the world. At HAM we invite guest speakers from diverse artistic, cultural and religious backgrounds and learn about their work and its relevance to medicine. We also provide hands-on activities that will help you get in touch with your artistic side! Whether you are a well-established artist, or are curious to learn more about the humanities, we welcome you to come to our meetings and see why the humanities are so vital to the art of medicine. It’s time to unleash the humanist within you!