Rural Health Medical Programs

The Rural Medical Education Program at the Florida State University College of Medicine is a crucial part of the College of Medicine's mission

Established in 2005, the FSU Rural Program in Marianna, Florida is an exciting learning experience for students. It offers students the opportunity to spend their third year of medical school integrated into a rural medical community. However, what makes the program unique is that the students are engaged in Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LIC). This approach to medical education uses continuity as the organizing principle.

At our Regional Campuses, students spend their third year in “block style” clerkship rotations. In the “block" model each student spends six weeks on individual clerkships to fulfill their requirements. The LIC differs in that it offers medical students the opportunity to participate in the comprehensive care of patients over time. The program begins with an intense “boot camp” to reinforce clinical skills learned in the first two years. The students then begin all their required clerkships simultaneously, and continue them for the full third year. After 10 years in the traditional style, our inaugural LIC class began in the summer of 2015.

As a result of the LIC experience our Rural Program students have the opportunity to develop relationships with patients and gain a better understanding of not only their health issues, but their values and social determinants of health. This model also gives students the opportunity to build longer, more meaningful relationships with their clerkship faculty. In this setting, students develop clinical and professional skills on a much deeper level.

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