Cardiovascular Disease and Infectious Disease

Cardiovascular health and heart disease are investigated by several labs in Biomedical Sciences. Using mouse models and human cell culture systems, the molecular and physiological bases of inherited and environmentally-caused cardiovascular diseases are investigated by multiple labs with a variety of collaborative approaches.

Infectious disease is an ongoing problem throughout the world, and a looming threat to highly mobile global populations as new virulent and drug resistant microbes emerge on the public health theater. Investigators in Biomedical Sciences are using a variety of methods and models to combat these microbial threats to public health.

Judy Delp Judy Delp Ph.D.
Cardiovascular adaptations to aging and exercise training. My lab is especially interested in understanding how exercise training reverses microvascular dysfunction that occurs with advancing age.


Mike Overton Ph.D.
Energy homeostasis, obesity and hypertension.


Jose R Pinto Ph.D.
Cardiac and skeletal muscle regulation and inherited diseases. Molecular basis of striated muscle contraction.


David Meckes Ph.D.
Molecular pathogenesis of Epstein-Barr Virus-associated cancers.


Timothy Megraw Ph.D.
The regulation of centrosomes by the Zika virus.