Pleural Space

A 3D anatomical animation created to accompany a lecture on pleural fluid dynamics, the cellular anatomy of the pleural space, and pleural effusions. We worked with Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi M.D., Professor and Chair-Clinical Sciences, to accurately convey how this rarely visualized yet clinically significant physiology deteriorates into pathology.

The Brachial Plexus - Animated Review

This hand-drawn, chalk-talk style animation serves as both an introduction to and review of the anatomy and function of the brachial plexus, a significant bundle of nerves in the upper extremity. Recordings of lectures, scripts, or presentations are ideal for this style of video. Created with Dr. Eric Laywell, Associate Professor-Anatomy.

The Brachial Plexus II - Animated Review

A continuation of Dr. Eric Laywell’s brachial plexus series, this comic book style animation delves into finer detail on the terminal branches of the shoulder, arm, and hand. This animation style works particularly well for realistic mechanisms and anatomy, creating the illusion of a textbook come to life.

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention- Coronary Angioplasty

3D surgical animation outlining the steps of a balloon angioplasty procedure, or percutaneous coronary intervention. Created with Dr. Kendall Campbell, Associate Professor-Family Medicine, for a medical student lecture, these 3D reconstructions clarify the steps to a clinical demonstration or surgical procedure for new learners.

Sickle Cell Trait- Exertional Sickling in Athletes

Created for Dr. Kendall Campbell’s presentation to the FSU Athletic Department’s coaches and training staff to highlight the warning signs a student athlete may show during a Sickle Cell crisis. This animation allowed us to show a hypothetical scenario that a trainer might see on the field while also revealing to them the life-threatening anatomy going on below the surface.

The PLAID Journal

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Healthy Me Handouts 

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Library Poster

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Child Abuse Handouts

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Careers in Medicine Bulletin Board

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Tooth Anatomy

Classical color illustrations highlighting normal tooth anatomy and a periapical abscess. We can help you create full color, black and white, and line illustrations for all types of publication and presentations.

Preparing the injured spinal cord for effective treatment (3D illustration)

An editorial style illustration showcasing Biomedical Sciences Professor Dr. Yi Ren’s research on how macrophage cells respond to spinal cord injuries. Dynamic and colorful images draw readers to your journal articles while also effectively summarizing the main goals of your research.

Circadian clock regulation of melatonin (2D illustration)

A journal illustration for Drs. Stephen Beesley, Justin Lee, and James Olcese, showing the mechanism by which melatonin cycle is regulated and the implications it has during labor. We specialize in research illustrations at any stage of publication.


2015 Wine Tasting Gala

This television commercial was produced to advertise the annual wine tasting gala to help fund scholarships for the College of Medicine. It was shot entirely on location at Whole Foods Market in Tallahassee and aired on WCTV.

Autism Intervention

Part of a series of videos that demonstrate the use of motivational interviewing for engaging parents who's child has scored in the "range of concern" for social communication delays. This video was produced in the production studio with Dr Heather Flynn, Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research.

Healthy Me Patient Consultation

Part of a series of videos shot on location at the Immokalee Health Education Site. The series is part of the Healthy Me program that aims to address obesity and overweight among adolescents in rural parts of the state of Florida.

Durell Peaden Auditorium Dedication Ceremony

The Durell Peaden Auditorium was dedicated on October 5, 2015 our team documented the entire ceremony and interviewed those who knew "Doc" Peaden best.

Student Interview

Filmed in the production studio Joanna Meadors Hales, M.D., and J.D. Hales, M.D., Class of 2015, share what the FSU College of Medicine means to them, why they chose to attend and advice for future students.