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Katelyn Y Graves PhD

Katelyn Y Graves PhD

Assistant Professor
(850) 644-1396
Main Campus

Job Description

Dr. Graves is the course director for Evidence Based Research I-III. Her role in the School of Physician Assistant Practice focuses on establishing a strong research component in the program.


Dr. Graves has a background in demography and sociology, with an emphasis on biosocial health. She has experience with a broad range of demographic and statistical analyses, utilizing software programs such as Stata and SAS. She is well-trained in analyzing secondary data sets such as Medicare claims data and the National Social Health and Aging Project (NSHAP). She has also been involved in several state contracts aimed at evaluating public health programs and improving population health.


PhD in Sociology (focus in Demography), Florida State University, 2016
MS in Sociology (focus in Demography), Florida State University, 2013
BS in Psychology, Florida State University, 2008


Betty J Cleckley Minority Issues Research Award Finalist, American Public Health Association, 2016


American Public Health Association
Southern Demographic Association
Physician Assistant Education Association

Research Focus

Biodemography, medical sociology, chronic stress and allostatic load, inflammation, Autism Spectrum Disorders, physician assistant workforce and education


Graves, K.Y., Smith, B.J., and Nuccio, B.C. (2018). Alopecia due to high androgen index hormonal contraceptives. Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Accepted April 2018. (In Press).

Graves, K.Y. & Nowakowski, A.C. H. (2017). Childhood Socioeconomic Status and Stress in Late Adulthood: A Longitudinal Approach to Measuring Allostatic Load. Global Pediatric Health, 4, 1-12.

Nowakowski, A.C., & Graves, K.Y. (2017). Exploring black-white differences in the relationship between inflammation and timing of menopause. Journal of racial and ethnic health disparities, 4(3)410-417.

Nowakowski, A.C., & Graves, K.Y. (2017). Does Inflammation Mediate Relationships Between Racial Identity and Onset of Menopause Among US Adults?. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 4(6), 1128-1137.

Smith, B.J., Nuccio, B.C., Graves, K.Y., & McMillan, V.M. (2017). Screening and work-up requirements prior to beginning biologic medications. Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Accepted November 29, 2017. (In Press).

Nowakowski, A.C., Graves, K.Y., & Sumerau, J. E. (2016). Mediation analysis of relationships between chronic inflammation and quality of life in older adults. Health and quality of life outcomes, 14(1), 46.

Under Review/Working Papers

Benevides, T., Carretta, H.J., Graves, K.Y. Case Identification and Characterization of Autistic Young Adults in 2010 Medicare Fee-for-Service Claims. (Submitted to Autism in Adulthood)

Graves, K.Y., & Cawley, J.C. Characteristics of Individuals by Most Seen Healthcare Provider. (Submitted to the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants)

Benevides, T., Carretta, H.J., Graves, K.Y. Emergency Department Use among Young Adult Medicare Beneficiaries with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. (Working paper)

Graves, K.Y. & Eberstein, I. Perceived Stress, Allostatic Load, and Mortality. (In preparation for Biodemography and Social Biology)

Graves, K.Y. & Nowakowski, A.C. Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Stress: A Life Course Approach. (In preparation for Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities)

Nowakowski, A.C., Graves, K.Y., Sumerau, J.E., Raphael, A.R. Chronic Inflammation and Perceived Sexual Obligation: Contrasting Pathology with Diagnosis. (Working Paper)

Nowakowski, A.C., Graves, K.Y., & Sumerau, J.E. Intimate Relationships as Intervening Variables in Relationships Between Inflammation and Happiness in Older Adults: A Mediation Analysis of Limited Longitudinal Data. (Working Paper)