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Deirdre M McCarthy

Deirdre M McCarthy

Research Faculty I
(850) 645-0263
Main Campus

Job Description

Deirdre McCarthy is research faculty in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Center for Brain Repair. Her research interests focus on developmental and behavioral neuroscience.


2001 Bachelor's degree, University of Cork, Ireland. Major: Biochemistry


Voting Member, Animal Care and Use Committee (2015–present)


Outstanding Junior Faculty Investigator Award, FSU College of Medicine (2017). Best Presentation Award, 2017 APSARD Annual Meeting (2017).


Professional Women's Nexus, Society for Neuroscience, American Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders

Research Focus

Role of dopamine receptor and BDNF signaling in a prenatal cocaine exposure mouse model. Dopamine dysfunction in mouse models of Dystonia. Impact of nicotine exposure on subsequent generations in mouse models of paternal and maternal nicotine exposure.


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