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FSU College of Medicine Global Health Elective and Externships

• MDE 7070 - Global Health Elective

This 2 or 4 week experience is designed to provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the broad field of global (or international) health. It is composed of a series of readings, online discussion groups and written assignments. The student will have the opportunity to tailor the experience to their own interests that may include an overview of the health situation in a given country and/or specific conditions such as nutrition, mother-child health, communicable disease, etc. This elective should be considered in one of the following situations: 1) taken as a stand-alone course for a student with broad interests in global health; 2) prior to MDX 7075 (International Health Externship) to provide better preparation for a student who will complete an international experience overseas; or 3) as an international experience WITH FSUCOM faculty in locations such as Nicaragua or Panama.

• MDX 7075 - International Health Externship

This 2 or 4 week experience is designed to provide the student with an intense exposure to the practice of medicine in international settings where the physicians and other health care providers provide care. Students will also be encouraged to view the total health care system of the country(ies) and compare to the United States. The student will be required to meet with the course director as soon as this course is chosen and at least 4 months prior to the planned experience. The student will also be required to prepare a brief report (2 to 3 pages) that discusses the experience and the achievement of the above objectives. Although this is "based" in the Tallahassee campus, the student does NOT need to travel to Tallahassee. All arrangements with the Elective Director can be done by phone and email. This is "counted" as an external elective by the FSU College of Medicine.

Global Health Organizations That Have Taken FSU College of Medicine Students Include:

From the website -- "Child Family Health International (CFHI) is a leader in Global Health Education Programs that provide an intimate view of medicine, public health and social determinants of health in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Child Family Health International has over 30 programs in 10 countries.... CFHI offers 4-16 week Global Health Immersion Programs and 2-week Global Health Intensives. CFHI also has partnerships for universities and schools."

Comment from Dr. Van Durme- "They are the best run program for students."  

From their website -- "The Fogarty International Center at NIH offers a variety of funding opportunities to support the field of global health research. Fogarty also offers a variety of resources for those seeking global health research funding across NIH, and from other organizations." 

From the website -- "The focus of our expeditions is to provide a quality education experience mixed with adventure and culture and to improve local well being. Primary and public health is integrated into all of our expeditions.  A health awareness campaign includes general and oral hygiene, diet and nutrition, reproductive health and prevention from commonly found infectious diseases in the Trans-Himalayan regions along the Indo-Tibetan borderlands.  Patient population includes natives, Tibetan settlers and children living in monastic schools, orphanages and Buddist nunneries."

From the website -- "As the acknowledged leader in global public health issues, WHO is committed to building future leaders in public health. WHO's Internship Program provides a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insight into the work of WHO. Every year a limited number of places for internships are available. This is office (not field) work."


Online listings of other opportunities include:

Run by AMSA, this is the only listing specifically for medical students. Hundreds of opportunities listed by country or region. Lots of important information included for each location such as cost, housing available, language proficiency required, etc.

This site is a collection of links to many different programs that specifically take students and/or residents and NOT just in Family Medicine. It lists many not-for-profit organizations with a brief description and link.

Set up by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, this is a listing of dozens of programs with links to their websites. It does not have specific search function. It has a smaller number of programs since it only lists those with a longer, well-established track record.

IMVA is a clearinghouse between potential volunteers and volunteer organizations. Info about finding the right volunteer organizations or opportunity to fit you, how to prepare, etc. The site lists hundreds of organizations with info about where they serve, requirements for volunteers, funding, and whom to contact.