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Stem Cell & Cancer Biology

Faculty in the Stem Cell and Cancer Biology Node have a shared interest in mechanisms of cell proliferation and differentiation in normal and diseased cells.

Research groups investigate cell cycle regulation, stem cell proliferation control, DNA damage responses, the immune response and tumor progression, and nervous system regeneration in cells and in whole organisms.

Akash Gunjan Ph.D. 
Role of histones in genome stability and cancer.

 Myra M Hurt Ph.D.
Molecular regulation of the cell division cycle.

  Cathy W Levenson PhD
Stem cells in Traumatic Brain Injury; reducing damage and improving outcomes.

  David Meckes Ph.D. 
Molecular pathogenesis of Epstein-Barr Virus-associated cancers.

  Timothy Megraw Ph.D.
The functions of centrosomes and cilia in cell division, development and disease.

  Richard S Nowakowski Ph.D.
Cell cycle and neurogenesis in the developing adult nervous system; genetics of individual variation in the brain of mouse and man.

  Jose R Pinto Ph.D.
Cardiac and skeletal muscle regulation and inherited diseases. Molecular basis of striated muscle contraction.

  Yi Ren Ph.D.
Macrophage function in cancer and CNS disease

  Robert J Tomko Jr. Ph.D.
Regulation of proteasome assembly and function in health and disease; design principles governing assembly of multiprotein complexes.

  Yanchang Wang Ph.D.
Chromosome segregation regulation and the response to the expression of misfolded protein.