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The Biomedical Sciences Department at FSU has a broad range of faculty studying the biology of the nervous system. Investigators aim to understand processes such as the basic functions of neurotransmitters, how neurons connect and communicate, mechanisms of brain development, and how specific genes or drugs influence organismal behavior. The impact of these processes on human disease is a focus of many of the research activities in this Node.

  Michelle Arbeitman Ph.D.
Sex differences in development and behavior.

  Pradeep Bhide Ph.D. 
Developmental neurological and psychiatric conditions including ADHD and early-onset generalized dystonia.

Sanjay Kumar  M.S., Ph.D.
Functional properties of excitatory synapses and underlying receptors.

  Mohamed Kabbaj Ph.D. 
Epigenetics of social behaviors and neurobiology of sex differences in anxiety and depression.

  Choogon Lee Ph.D.
Molecular basis for circadian rhythms.

  Cathy W Levenson Ph.D.
Stem cells in Traumatic Brain Injury; reducing damage and improving outcomes.

  Timothy Megraw Ph.D.
The functions of centrosomes and cilia in cell division, development and disease.

  Richard S Nowakowski Ph.D. 
Cell cycle and neurogenesis in the developing adult nervous system; genetics of individual variation in the brain of mouse and man.

James M. Olcese Ph.D.
Neuroendocrine chronobiology and reproductive neuroscience. Olcese

 Gregg Stanwood Ph.D.
The developmental basis of mental health disorders.

  Yi Ren Ph.D.
Macrophage function in cancer and CNS diseases.

  Yuan Wang Ph.D. 
Development and plasticity of neuronal circuits and their pathology in neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegeneration.

Yi Zhou Ph.D. 
Molecular, biochemical and electrophysiological analysis of neuronal ion channel function.