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Submission and Review Process

Lead Investigators

All required proposal components are submitted to the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) by the Lead Investigator.  Lead investigators are responsible for overseeing the RAC submission, must be affiliated with the FSU College of Medicine, and may or may not be the Principal Investigator. Lead Investigators include:

  • All CoM Faculty at Main Campus
  • Regional Campus Deans
  • Clerkship/Community Faculty at a Regional Campus or Rural Site
  • Faculty Mentors for M1, M2, M3, M4 or Bridge Students
  • FSU Residency Program Directors
  • FSU Fellowship Program Directors
  • Residents or Faculty affiliated with an FSU Residency Program
  • Fellows or Faculty affiliated with an FSU Fellowship Program
  • FSU CoM Post-Docs
  • Staff

Step 1: Submission of Required Proposal Components

The first step of the proposal review process is to submit the  items listed below using the online system. Once submitted and checked for completeness, the proposal is automatically routed to the investigator's affiliated faculty administrator (i.e., Department Chair, Regional Campus Dean or Residency/Fellowship Program Director):

  • Human Subjects Research Proposal Submission Form 
    • General information on study personnel and project details
  • Abstract (250 words)
  • Proposal Narrative (3-10 pages)
    • Specific aims and objectives
    • Research design
    • Methods
    • Protection of human subjects
    • Plans for disseminating findings
    • Potential barriers or problems and resolutions
  • CITI-FSU College of Medicine Human subjects training completion reports for all College of Medicine key personnel
    • Must be affiliated with FSU College of Medicine in CITI

You can view more information on the content of the proposal narrative at the MEDNet Intranet site.

Step 2: Review by the Research Advisory Committee

Your research proposal will undergo review by either the RAC Chair, a subset of the RAC, or the full RAC.

View more information on the RAC review criteria.

Step 3: Notification of RAC Review Outcome and IRB Submission

You will be informed if your proposal needs revisions, or if you can proceed with your submission to the IRB(s) providing oversight on your study.

  • If your proposal needs revisions, it will be returned to you with suggested revisions to complete before resubmission.
  • If your proposal does not need revisions, you will receive notification stating that your proposal can be submitted to the governing IRB(s). The PI submitting an application must submit a copy of the RAC Proposal Review Notification Letter with your application to the FSU IRB.

VIDEO: Submission Tutorial for Lead Investigators


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