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George Rust MD, MPH

George Rust MD, MPH

Main Campus

Job Description

Dr. George Rust teaches primary care, community health, and population health. His research focuses on health equity, e.g., achieving optimal and equitable health for all. As the Director of the Center for Medicine and Public Health, he seeks to build collaborations between professionals and academic programs across the continuum from medicine to public health, from community health and behavioral health to population health.


Dr. Rust joined the faculty at FSU-COM in 2016, after completing 24 years of teaching, patient care, research, and program development at the Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM). He was the founding director of the MSM Faculty Development Program, and founding director of the MSM National Center for Primary Care. In Atlanta, Dr. Rust served as board chair of the Atlanta Community Access Coalition, and as co-chair of Georgia’s Minority Health Advisory Council, where he led development of the Georgia Health Disparities Report in 2008. In 2015-16, Dr. Rust also served as senior scientific advisor to the HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Dr. Rust received his medical degree from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, and completed residency training in Family Medicine at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He is board-certified in both Family Practice and in Preventive Medicine. After completion of his training, Dr. Rust served six years as Medical Director for the West Orange Farmworkers Health Association in Central Florida. Dr. Rust is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and monographs, and is the recipient of numerous local, state, and national awards for teaching and service. His career as a family physician and scholar has consistently focused on primary health care and community health for those in greatest need, and on the elimination of health disparities and on charting a path to health equity.


B.S. in Chemistry, University of Miami; 1977
M.D., Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine (Chicago); 1981
MPH, with concentration in Community Health; University of Illinois Chicago, 1988
Internship, Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Loyola University Medical Center (Maywood, Illinois), 1981-82
Family Practice Residency, Cook County Hospital (Chicago); 1982-84;
4th year Chief Resident and Faculty Development Program participant (charter class), 1984-85.

* Board-Certified, American Board of Family Practice 1984, 1991, 1998, 2004, 2014
* Board-Certified, American Board of Preventive Medicine 1993
* Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, 1996
* Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine, 1997
* Advanced Standing, American College of Physician Executives, 1997
* Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider Certification, 2014-2016


Teaching Awards

• William H. Cleveland Faculty of the Year Award for Clinical Teaching; Morehouse School of Medicine (MSOM) Family Practice Residency Program, 2006.
• Outstanding Mentor Award, Morehouse SOM Master’s of Clinical Research Program, 2006.
• Master Teacher & Leader Award, Morehouse SOM Faculty Development Program, 2004.
• Dean’s Award for Excellence among Clinical Faculty, Morehouse SOM, 1999.
• Teacher Recognition Award (awarded by 4th year medical students) for Outstanding Teaching in Family Medicine; Morehouse School of Medicine, 1999.
• Dean’s Award for Excellence among Clinical Faculty, Morehouse SOM, 1995.
• Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP): Family Practice Educator of the Year, 1994

Service Awards

• ACT Award for Leadership in Health for Asian communities; Pan Asian Community Services and the Georgia Asian Pacific Islander Community Coalition; Atlanta, GA; 2009.
• Outstanding Physician Leadership in Disease Management, Disease Management Association of America (DMAA), Las Vegas NV, 2007.
• Aaron L. Brown Memorial Public Service Award, National Association of Community Health Centers, 1991
• Clinical Leadership Award, USPHS / HRSA Bureau of Primary Care, Region IV; Regional Clinicians’ Conference, January 1998
• President's Award, Florida Association of Community Health Centers, 1990
• Wendell N. Rollason Award; Fla. Assoc. of Community Health Centers, 1988.
• Regional Health Administrator's Award, Region IV, U.S. PHS / HRSA, 1987

Research Focus

Dr. Rust’s research has consistently focused on primary health care and community health for those in greatest need, and on the elimination of health disparities and on charting a path to health equity. He has also played a leading role nationally in the development of programs for training minority clinician-teachers and scholars.


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