Class of 2023 elects officers

Gabby Sehres

August 2019

Bridge Program alumna Gabby Sehres is the president of the new M.D. Class of 2023. Twenty-three other officers have also been chosen to represent the class.

President Gabby Sehres (pictured right)
Vice President Hannah Morgan
Secretary Alexis Moffa
Treasurer Aariha Ali

Year 1&2 Curriculum Committee 

Devin Fomberg

Curriculum Committee 

Ben Borgert

Council on Diversity and 
Inclusion Representative

GB Yap Sam
Wellness Representative Bobby Larsen
Alumni Representative

Dominique Williams

Social Chairs

Brendan Kosko,
Jennifer Trebilcock

Hospitality Chairs

Erica Ginsburg,
Kris Monette

Historian Chairs Jimmy Dang,
Eleni Duni
Gala Chairs Ghazal Farajzadeh,
Caitlin Marquis
Community Outreach Chairs Willis Bell,
Amber Hannah
Intramural Chairs Tim Carter,
Jordin Giles
IT/Library Committee Representative Jenie Yeh
Dance Marathon Chairs Michelle Flohr,
Jim Mossell