Class of 2022 elects officers

Class of 2022 president Stenia Accilien

August 2018

The following 22 first-year students were elected to serve their class:

President Stenia Accilien (pictured right)
Vice President Akram Farran
Secretary Naomi Thelusma
Treasurer Amanda Bari

1&2 Curriculum Committee 

Abigail Schirmer

Curriculum Committee 

Anggie Ferrer

Council on Diversity and 
Inclusion Representative

Mohammed Karaman
Social Chairs Clayton Abeln, Vinita Akula
Historian Chair

Tayina Gilles
Maria Badino

Hospitality Chairs Lauren Angnardo, Shalom Chege
Gala Chairs Heather Muse, Shefali Patel
Community Outreach Chairs Maurice Facey, Joseph Rudy
Intramural Chairs Farooq Faisal, Tyler Mistretta
IT/Library Committee Representative Bobby Se
Wellness Committee Representative Gabriela Cintron
Dance Marathon Chairs Cristina Chiodi, Maylenid Oyola