Meet the doctors who are helping decide the fate of the college football season

Les Beitsch

Amid a pandemic, five separate medical task forces for five separate major college football conferences have had to analyze the potential safety and health concerns associated with having a college football season. Les Beitsch, chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine at the FSU College of Medicine is one of the 15 panelists (plus one alternate) advising the ACC.

A recent article from the Washington Posts discusses the advisory panels' jobs and viewpoints. It reads, in part:

"Beitsch of Florida State looked back to something he has studied intricately, the 1918-19 flu pandemic, and said: 'What’s unprecedented during this pandemic is the explosion of information in real time. And I don’t know that anybody can keep up with everything that’s going on. The sheer volume is astronomical, but we’re also seeing things before they’ve been rigorously peer-reviewed.'"

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