Dean's Message, November 2019

Nov 15, 2019

Dear faculty, staff, and students:

I have heard many of you ask how we did in our LCME site visit and what the final determination of the LCME was.  I am writing to provide follow-up on both our April 2019 LCME site visit and their review of our program.   The LCME met last month in Chicago to review the final report of the site visit team.  I again want to thank all the faculty, staff, and students who worked so hard preparing for our site visit and meeting with the site visit team when they were here from 14-17 April.  We received the Draft Site Visit Survey Report from the Team Secretary in July and had an opportunity to respond to areas that we felt were not accurately assessed.  The final Survey Team Report and the Final Letter from the LCME last month did not result in significant changes after that review. 

 I refer you to my e-mail of 8/2/2019 which outlined the many areas where the team found we met or exceeded expectations.  A group of us met with the Secretariat of the LCME at the AAMC meeting this past Monday to get further clarification on their areas of concern.  Now that we have the final report from the LCME and our conversation with them, we better understand the specific areas we need to work on to maintain full compliance with the accreditation standards and where the team had concerns. I am confident that we can easily fix each of those areas and none place our educational program at risk.  Our school is still fully accredited by the LCME and I continue to be very proud of our model, our great students, our faculty and our staff.   We will have a LCME Secretariat visit this summer to provide consultation on our action plans to move into full compliance with the standards and I anticipate this will be a very productive visit.

Thank you for all you do every day to make this such a great place to work and thrive.  Go Noles!  


John P. Fogarty, M.D.


Florida State University College of Medicine