Dean's Message, February 2021

Feb 25, 2021


Hello all,

I am very pleased to let you know that after our virtual Limited Site Visit by an LCME team earlier this week, we have already received our exit report from the Team Secretary.   The report listed the team’s analysis and opinion on each of the findings from the previous full survey visit in April 2019.    We were very pleased to see that the team felt that we had satisfied the requirements for each finding.   They of course added the following:

DISCLAIMER: This statement summarizes the findings of the ad hoc limited survey team that virtually visited the Florida State University College of Medicine  from February 22-23, 2021 based on the information provided by the school and its representatives before and during the limited accreditation survey, and by the LCME. The LCME may come to differing conclusions when it reviews the survey report and any related information.

This is a required disclaimer for a survey team to make, but the general tone of the report would suggest that it highly likely we will have a positive determination at the next LCME meeting in June.  While the good news is “not official” until the LCME says so, it is still good news this week and a positive reflection on all the hard work over the past 18 months to lead to this outcome.   I have already thanked our faculty, staff, and students who met with the survey visitors during Monday and Tuesday sessions and shared the good news as soon as I received the exit report.  The survey team was highly complementary of our executive team, our session participants, and our responsiveness to their requests.   

I know that the first question after an LCME site visit is over is “how did we do?”    The answer – very, very well!!   We did not expect to receive this report for a week or so, and will receive the team’s full draft survey report in a couple of months.   I appreciated all the emails and expressions of support as we approached this survey and thank you for your continued dedication to this excellent medical school.  I have been thanking many people who worked tirelessly on this effort for the past many months and would like to publicly recognize Dr. Overton, Dr. Littles, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Hayes, Dr. Harrison, and Dr. McLeod, along with Rebecca Garside for their amazing contributions to our preparations and the actual site visit.  Our students who met with the team were OUTSTANDING!!   Thank you – thank you to all!!

With best wishes – J.


John P. Fogarty, M.D.
Florida State University College of Medicine