New Faculty Orientation


FSU College of Medicine recognizes the importance of an orientation program to provide professional support and familiarity with the mission, infrastructure, policies, and procedures of the COM. Upon acceptance of an offer of employment, the new faculty member will meet with the department chair or division chief where they will be given a new faculty orientation information. During this meeting, the faculty member will be given instructions as to how to go about completing the checklists, and which contacts will be most important in their new role at FSU COM. 

The new faculty orientation program notebook is designed to assist the new faculty member in completing the tasks necessary to become oriented to the College of Medicine.

The new faculty orientation program notebook is outlined as follows:

Before Arrival

  • Provide a brief bio sketch to the department or division chair.  See an example.
  • Request desired computer (i.e. laptop, desktop, tablet)
  • Take FSU COM virtual tour
  • Look at components of FSU online new employee orientation page to see information about benefits, as the Faculty member may want to be thinking about this prior to arrival.
  • Watch the video about the founding of the FSU College of Medicine.
  • FSU orientation each August given by the Office of the Provost, dates and information will be announced.

After Arrival

Upon arrival at the College of Medicine, each faculty member is given access to the new faculty orientation checklist online.