Graduate Spotlight: Joseph "Joey" Schergen

Joseph "Joey" Schergen

Hometown: Loxahatchee, Florida

Undergraduate College: Florida State University

Major: Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences, Clinical Professions

What and/or who inspired you to go to PA school, and how so?

My older brother was my biggest role model and had a passion for medicine. Seeing his dedication, passion and commitment to medicine and how he positively made an impact on others’ lives through health care inspired me to follow in his footsteps by becoming a PA.

What did you learn about yourself during your time in PA school that surprised you?

PA school taught me that I am more capable than I imagined because it challenged me intellectually, emotionally and professionally. The rigorous curriculum, diverse clinical experiences, and responsibilities pushed me beyond my perceived limits, showing me that with dedication and effort, I can achieve more than I initially thought possible.

What course and/or professor had the greatest impact on your PA education?

Mr. Martin, senior associate clinical education director, had the greatest impact on my PA education because of his exceptional care for his students, creating a welcoming environment, and consistently going the extra mile to prepare his students to excel as future PAs. His genuine concern for our well-being and academic success fostered a positive learning atmosphere. By going above and beyond, he demonstrated a commitment to our growth, instilling confidence and providing the support needed to thrive in our education and future profession.

In what setting and specialty are you planning to launch your PA career?

Outpatient primary care

Given the rigors and stressors of PA education, what diversion did you lean on to get you through?

I leaned on my faith and family for grounding, reminding me of my purpose, and offering encouragement during the challenging rigors of PA education. The strong foundation provided by my faith and familial relationships served as a source of stability and motivation. Additionally, the empathetic support from friends I made in PA school offered understanding and camaraderie, helping me navigate the stressors with a sense of community and shared experience.

Benjamin Smith, associate dean of the College of Medicine and director of the School of Physician Assistant Practice, said, “Joey is respected. His personality is warm and inviting. Those he serves as a PA will benefit through their interactions with him on many levels.”