Graduate Spotlight: Hermaley Lubin

Hermaley Lubin

Hometown: Miami, FL

Undergraduate College: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Major: Business Administration

What and/or who inspired you to go to PA school, and how so?

The inspiration driving my journey to PA school is deeply rooted in my father's struggle with a stroke, a pivotal moment that kindled my passion for medicine. As a first-generation Haitian American, my unique background, coupled with a fascination for anatomy and physiology, initially led me to overcome my apprehension about studying science. Embracing the role of a nontraditional physician assistant student, I found crucial support from my medical assisting instructor. This encouragement became the driving force propelling me toward advanced education in medicine, with a specific focus on addressing the gap in care for underrepresented areas. My commitment extends beyond personal growth, aiming to contribute to equitable health-care access in communities that often lack adequate resources.

What did you learn about yourself during your time in PA school that surprised you?

Throughout my time in PA school, I discovered a profound aspect of myself that took me by surprise – the recognition of my own anxiety. It was a transformative revelation that highlighted the vital importance of prioritizing my mental health. Instead of bottling up frustrations, I learned to seek help and embrace the significance of self-care, ultimately fostering a more balanced and resilient version of myself.

What course and/or professor had the greatest impact on your PA education?

The transformative cornerstone of my PA education was undeniably the emergency medicine clinical rotation. It pushed me to think swiftly on my feet, navigate the diverse spectrum of patients and deploy emergency interventions. This experience not only honed my medical skills but also deepened my understanding of the human side of health care in urgent situations.

In what setting and specialty are you planning to launch your PA career?

As I embark on my PA career, I find myself at the intersection of choices shaped by my past experiences. While my journey began in a women's health clinic as a medical assistant, the allure of urgent/emergency medicine has grown during my clinical rotations. Yet, the unpredictability of the future means I might just find my place in general surgery – the beauty lies in the uncertainty, and I'm open to the possibilities ahead.

Given the rigors and stressors of PA education, what diversion did you lean on to get you through?

My go-to diversion was finding solace in various outlets. Engaging in heartfelt conversations with health-care professionals and faculty brought clarity, while visits to family and friends in sunny South Florida provided a grounding escape. The therapeutic rhythm of cooking, mini “staycations,” routine self-care, vlogging, and workouts collectively became my anchor, guiding me through the rigors and stressors of this transformative journey. 

Benjamin Smith, associate dean of the College of Medicine and director of the School of Physician Assistant Practice, said, “Hermaley is resilient and has a quiet strength. She has developed toward her goal of becoming a clinically practicing PA throughout the program.”