Fourth-year student Shane Geffe published in Academic Psychiatry journal

Shane Geffe

Fourth-year FSU College of Medicine student Shane Geffe's story of compassionate medicine, "We Can Do Better: Challenging Providers to Refrain from Toxic Remarks" was published February in Academic Psychiatry.

Part of Geffe's article reads, "In the hospital, patients become disease states—walking, breathing chief complaints. 'Check on my myasthenia guy…watch out for the homeless lady’s pseudoseizures…time to visit with my sundowner.' This practice dehumanizes those needing care and deteriorates the most fundamental health care tenet: the patient-provider relationship. Discussing patients as if they are diagnostic codes rather than an accumulation of experiences violates the doctrine of compassionate medicine, which beseeches us to keep the person (and not the disease) at the forefront."

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