FSU Pediatricians in the News

Jun 04, 2014

Dr. Joseph Scarano and Dr. Jennifer Mayer were among the pediatricians interviewed for the article "Health Steps" by Jay McManemon in the May 2014 issue of SRQ Magazine. 

An extensive view of health and wellness from newbors to teenagers is the subject of the article in which Drs. Scarano and Mayer deliver important information on the importance of prenatal care, immunizations, newborn screenings, as well as an assessment of the current challenges in pediatrics.

Through this article we are able to learn about many of the advanced resources here in Sarasota, like the branch of All Children's Hospital that is housed within the Sarasota Memorial Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Mayer, the Medical Director of the division.

Dr. Scarano noted the overall changes to the practice of pediatrics where we see less serious and chronic infections, but now  "obesity, overweight, metabolic syndrome and developmental, emotional and psychiatric disorders; these are the chronic disorders we need to be focused on."

This article is packed with vital information for parents and others interested in the very latest advancements in pediatrics.