Spring 2019 Registration Updates

Oct 18, 2018

Seminar Registration Forms
In order to register for any of the IMS Seminars or Capstone Course you must complete a seminar registration form. These have been sent out to you via email. Please complete the form, if needed, and return to imsadvising@med.fsu.edu.

Major Caps
We are aware that many departments cap course enrollments to reserve seats for their majors. Below are the departments and the dates when those caps will be lifted.

Biology – Cap lifts November 20 

Psychology – Cap lifts November 12

Chemistry -- Cap lifts November 20

Upper Division Electives
If you are having trouble enrolling in an IMS Upper Division Elective from our approved lists located on our Resources page, please email us to let us know at imsadvising@med.fsu.edu.