Dr. Julia Sheffler awarded KL2 Scholar grant

Apr 13, 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Julia Sheffler for receiving a KL2 Scholar award through the NIH National Center for Advancement of Translational Science (NCATS). The KL2 is for two years and offers up to 75 percent protected time for research, $20,000 per year for research-related activity and $2,500 per year for travel.

The KL2 award is a Mentored Career Development Award to support newly trained clinicians appointed by an institution for activities related to the development of a successful clinical and translational research career. 

KL2 Scholars also have a number of other special opportunities and privileges, including:

  • • Advice and oversight from the KL2 Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee to support your career development.
  • • Opportunity to participate in the Southeast CTSA Consortium Preceptor Program with visits to other CTSA preceptors for advice and assistance with your research.
  • • Additional special K Scholar seminars and workshops
  • • K to R Boot Camp Programs

Dr. Sheffler is an Associate Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine, working in the Center for Translational Behavioral Science as Director of the Integrative Science for Healthy Aging program.