ADvancing interRAI: Using Better Data, Better

Apr 08, 2024

ADvancing interRAI, a new initiative from ADvancing States, interRAI, HCBS Strategies, and Florida State University, is building shared infrastructure to support state efforts to improve how they assess people using the interRAI Home Care system (interRAI HC), authorize services and supports (assign resources), and use data for policy and program improvement. The interRAI HC is the most standardized, valid instrument available with a proven track record, and more than 25 states use it to assess for Home and Community Based Services. It can not only be used to determine program or service eligibility, but also has built-in, evidence-based tools to support service planning, outcome measurement, quality management, and safety. Implementing and improving the use of the interRAI assessment system allows states the ability to develop or improve data-driven processes when determining eligibility and establishing service packages.


The infrastructure that is part of the ADvancing interRAI package includes online and in-person training, support with integrating interRAI data into program operations, policy and operations guidance, data analyses, and technical assistance. Dr. Jeffrey Harman, Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine and a Fellow at interRAI, is serving as the lead at FSU where he will assist states with formatting and uploading interRAI HC data into a data repository being hosted by FSU’s Health Data Science Initiative (HDSI), and produce annual reports for states that will allow them to see how well their home based services are working at achieving program goals and benchmark their programs with those of other states participating in the initiative. Dr. Harman will be joined on this project by FSU COM faculty members Dr. Samantha Goldfarb and Dr. Heidi Kinsell, who are also Fellows at interRAI, Dr. Katelyn Graves, Dr. Jon Mills, and Jessica Day, MPH. Thus far, five states have joined the ADvancing interRAI project (Rhode Island, Delaware, Missouri, Indiana, and the District of Columbia), with several more states considering joining ADvancing interRAI. The overall goal of the project is to improve the delivery of home-based care to vulnerable populations by allowing states to use better data, better.

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