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Tarvis Peacock

M.D. Class of 2020

Hometown: Madison, Fla.
Undergraduate Degree: Florida State University

Tarvis Peacock graduated summa cum laude from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in biological science and a minor in chemistry. Tarvis' diverse background in health care, real estate and business administration allows her to understand the logistics and exigency of providing quality health care to rural communities. Throughout adolescence and adulthood, Tarvis has participated in the advocacy, continuity of care and personal service of elderly and indigent individuals. She co-founded CareWell, an extended congregate care and limited mental-health long-term care facility in Madison, Florida, a rural and underserved community. Tarvis also worked with the Florida Assistant Living Organization, to provide consultation and training to administrators in the health-care profession. Tarvis and the FSU College of Medicine share a mission to provide exemplary patient-centered health care in communities of greatest need.