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Ruth A Didier

Ruth A Didier

Director, Flow Cytometry & Confocal Microscopy Facilities
(850) 645-1465
Main Campus

Job Description

As Director of Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy, Ruth Didier is in charge of maintaining instrumentation in the facilities.

The cell culture facility is to accommodate the overflow of work that in unable to be performed in the common area hoods. Access to the facility is through the director.

The flow cytometry facility is equipped with a BD FACSCanto analyzer and a BD FACSAria cell sorter. Flow cytometry is a technique to analyze suspended individual cells (or particles). In an instrument called a flow cytometer, cells flow through one or more lasers, scattering light and perhaps emitting fluorescence. Light scatter provides some information regarding the morphology of the particles. Fluorescence may be emitted by the cells naturally; however most assays will require the use of at least several fluorescent dyes to label different cellular molecules or structures, such as membrane antigens, DNA, intracellular enzymes, ions, or organelles. Flow cytometry is a powerful tool that combines the flexibility and sensitivity of fluorescence technology and high speed to correlate data from simultaneous measurements on each cell.

Investigators can use the technology to sort discrete cell populations and gather data on cell-surface/intracellular protein expression, ploidy, cell concentration, gene expression, proliferation, apoptosis, and a number of other cell-related properties.

Training sessions will be provided to individuals wishing to use the facility. Appointments are scheduled through the web site or through the director.

The Confocal Microscopy is the home of a Leica SP2 multiphoton system. Specimens can be imaged by either transmitted light or epi-fluorescence. Images can be captured as single planes, z-stacks through the depth of the specimen, or as time-series. The core also has software for post-acquisition processing and analysis, as well as 3-D reconstruction of z-stack images. Training is scheduled through the director.



Research Focus

Director Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy