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Nancy B Clark M.Ed.

Nancy B Clark M.Ed.

Dir. Medical Informatics Education
Main Campus

Job Description

Nancy Clark is a nationally recognized authority in informatics. She is responsible for the integration of information science and technology into the basic science and clinical curriculum, and for providing direct training to faculty, professional staff and students in all aspects of medical informatics.


Nancy joined the College of Medicine in September, 2001, with eight years in medical informatics and practice management education, and faculty development in family medicine departments at the University of South Alabama in Mobile and the University of Arkansas for Medical Science in Little Rock, as well as four years of experience as a clinic manager. At FSU, she has overseen the development of an integrated informatics curriculum across all four years of the undergraduate training and the development of a comprehensive informatics faculty development program across all training sites of the College of Medicine. She served as the technical advisor to the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine for seven years, coordinating their computer lab at eight of their national conferences and teaching workshops on informatics topics. She has been invited to speak at many local, state and national conferences including the AAMC, AAFP and American Medical Informatics Association.


B.S., Chemistry/Math, Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Ark.

M.Ed., Instructional Technology, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Ph.D. candidate, Instructional Design and Development, University of South Alabama


FSU College of Medicine: Curriculum Committee (2001-2005), Admissions Committee, Library and Learning Environment Committee, Faculty Council, Student Welfare Committee, Years 1&2 Curriculum Committee, Years 3&4 Curriculum Committee, IT Advisory Committee, and Informatic Curriculum Advisory Committee, Chair.
Society of Teachers in Family Medicine, Program Committee Member 1998-2001, National Task Force on Information Technology, 2001-02, Task Force on Educational Technology, 1998-99, and Coordinator for Computer Lab, 1994-2001.
American Academy of Family Physicians; Staff, Scientific Assembly Computer Zoo, 1996-2000; Coordinator, Scientific Assembly Computer Zoo, 2001-2003


Best Specialty Faculty, by USA FP residency, 1998 and 1999


American Medical Informatics Association, Family Practice/Primary Care and Education Working Groups; Society of Teachers in Family Medicine, Faculty Development and Computer Working Groups.

Research Focus

Her research interests include informatics teaching, distance education, medical education and quality improvement.


Kobylarz, Fred, Clark, Nancy B., and Brummel-Smith, Ken. (2009) Essential PDA Resources for Geriatrics Healthcare Professionals. Annals of Long Term Care. Volume 17. No:1. [Online] Clark, Nancy B., Hale, Frank, and Strothers, Harry. (2001) From Petting Zoos to Electronic Classrooms: Meeting the Technology Learning Needs of Family Medicine Teachers. Fam Med. Vol. 33, No. 3:198-202.