Disability Advocacy Week (Oct. 26-30)

Start Date
Mon, 10/26/2020
End Date
Fri, 10/30/2020

More information and Zoom links will be posted when available.


Disability Advocacy Week: Opening the Dialogue
Monday, Oct. 26 - Noon
A brief introduction to disability, ableism, and accessibility will lead to an interactive session and thought-provoking small group discussion regarding accessibility and the impacts of COVID-19.

Disability Advocacy Week: Behavioral Therapy Workshop
Tuesday, Oct. 27 - Noon
A behavioral therapist will be hosting a workshop to identify and teach skills and techniques that can be applied to future medical offices to best assist and care for patients that have disabilities with behavioral involvement.

Disability Advocacy Week: Veterans and Disability Services
Wednesday, Oct. 28 - Noon
A veteran who developed a disability while serving will discuss the experience of his transition to life as a civilian with a disability, seeking treatment through the VA, and the healthcare system as a whole.

Disability Advocacy Week Panel Discussion: Overcoming Discrimination in Healthcare
Thursday, Oct. 29 - Noon
A panel of participants with varying disabilities and experiences in healthcare will give an overview of the discrimination they have faced. They will also discuss overcoming the barriers posed by their disabilities before answering questions from the audience. 

Disability Advocacy Week Keynote Speaker: Eric LeGrand
Friday, Oct. 30 - Noon
Public speaker, disability advocate, sports broadcaster, author and philanthropist Eric LeGrand will be speaking about life as a former football player paralyzed on the field, disability and accessibility as he has experienced it, and persevering despite adversities posed by physical debilitation. 

Contact Name
Michael Nair-Collins

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