Cover the Uninsured Week

Start Date
Mon, 1/23/2017
End Date
Fri, 1/27/2017
FSU College of Medicine

Cover the Uninsured Week is a national initiative to raise awareness about Americans who do not have health insurance.


Join us January 23rd through the 27th as the Florida State University College of Medicine hosts students, faculty and staff as they participate in a series of events during Cover the Uninsured Week (CTUW). The goal of CTUW is to raise awareness of the burden and hardship millions of Americans face when it comes to attaining health care for themselves and their families. In the United States, over 41 million Americans do not have health insurance and countless more struggle to cover their medical costs. Cover the Uninsured Week will feature afternoon and evening meetings with the purpose of informing medical school students and faculty of the current healthcare situation in the United States and specifically the issues facing the uninsured in our own community.

CTUW seeks to urge leaders to make covering the uninsured a top priority. Each year, CTUW convenes diverse groups across the political spectrum to demonstrate widespread support for Americans living without health coverage, with more than 1,000 local events being organized each year.

Kick-Off Event
Monday 1/23, 12-1pm, Atrium
Grab some CTUW gear and learn about the week’s upcoming events.

Florida’s Uninsured
Tuesday 1/24, 12-1pm, Room 1306
Learn about the issues that are unique to Florida and the challenges that doctors face when treating uninsured Floridians.

The Face of the Uninsured
Tuesday 1/24, 5-7pm, Auditorium
Witness testimonies from those who are uninsured and get the chance to speak directly with a panel of people who are directly affected or involved with uninsured Americans.

Improving Health Outcomes through Interdisciplinary Care
Wednesday 1/25, 12-1pm, Room 1306
Join us for an educational session with a featured speaker to discuss various community and government programs that can help families access resources in the community. 2-1-1 and social workers often provide assistance in allocating help in a vast variety of areas: from signing up for insurance through the marketplace, accessing programs such as WIC and SNAP, to finding help in disaster or abuse related situations, and counseling services.

Grand Rounds featuring Susan Rogers, MD, FACP
Thursday 1/26, 4-6pm, Auditorium

Jeopardy: The Week in Review
Friday 1/27, 12-1pm, Room 1200
Put your knowledge about the uninsured to the test and join us as we review the week, Jeopardy style!

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Alan Chan

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