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Student Activities

Family Medicine Scholars Program

Are you strongly attracted to a career in Family Medicine?
Are you interested in exploring aspects of family medicine careers such as academics and community health, developing leadership skills, and discussing health related issues with like-minded faculty and students?
Do you have a solid academic record and a desire to build mentoring relationships with Family Medicine Faculty?

You may be just the person we are looking for to be an inaugural member of the Family Medicine Scholars Program.

What is the Family Medicine Scholars Program?
This is a new program for committed students who wish to explore Family Medicine in greater depth. It will consist of monthly meetings and activities designed to help participants become the Family Medicine leaders of the future. ("Committed students" are those who have a strong interest in family medicine; though there is no "requirement" that you ultimately match in Family Medicine.)

What are the benefits of the program?
Participants can expect to develop strong mentoring relationships with faculty. Students will gain skills that will assist in the pursuit of leadership positions at the local, state and national level. Students can also expect to substantially strengthen applications for residency programs and enhance opportunities for positions in research, public health, and other arenas.

What is involved in the program - what will we do - what is the time commitment?
The program will involve a time commitment of about four hours a month. This will be spent in a monthly dinner & discussion meeting that lasts about two hours and other readings or projects that take another two hours per month. Some months will involve assigned readings and discussions on issues such as the history, core values, clinical philosophy, and future of family medicine. Readings may address other topics such as access to healthcare, community-oriented primary care (or other topics decided by faculty and students). Students will be expected to complete a project of their own interest and design. This may include a plan for a research project, development of patient education materials, creating a community health assessment, etc. Optional aspects of the program include: opportunities to attend state or national family medicine meetings, shadow opportunities with family physicians who have different interests such as business entrepreneurs, sports medicine practices, etc. Because this is a new program, there will be much opportunity to "shape the program" to meet the interests and desires of participating students.

How is this different from the Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)?
The Family Medicine Scholars Program is designed to enhance and supplement FMIG activities. All Family Medicine Scholars should expect to participate in the activities of the FMIG, and may even help to plan and direct some of the FMIG activities. FMIG membership is open to ANY student with even a passing interest in Family Medicine, and involves no commitment. The Scholars program is designed for those with a genuine interest to learn more and those who are willing to commit to additional activities. It is selective and limited to no more than six to eight students from each class.

How do I get involved?
Interested students must meet the following criteria: 1) maintain a GPA of at least 3.0; 2) complete an application and be interviewed by two faculty members and one student or resident; 3) agree to participate in the program for the balance of the second year. (The usual program will start in January of the first year curriculum and run for three semesters. In this inaugural year, we will start in the Fall of 2005, for the Class of 2008 and add members of the class of 2009 in January, 2006.)