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Mike Overton Ph.D.

Mike Overton Ph.D.

Professor and Vice Chairman; Curriculum Committee Chair
(850) 644-2717
Main Campus

Job Description

Dr. Overton serves as the Vice Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Sciences. He is the Co-Block Director for the Renal-Urinary and Cardiovascular-Pulmonary Blocks and teaches cardiovascular, pulmonary and renal physiology. He also serves as Chairman of the Curriculum Committee.


Dr. Overton received his B.S. degree in Biological Sciences from FSU and his Ph.D. degree in Exercise Sciences from the University of Iowa. He obtained postdoctoral training in pharmacology at the University of Arizona and came to FSU as an assistant profesor in 1992. He served as the Betty Watts Professor and as chair of the Department of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Science before joining the College of Medicine in 2005.


B.S. in Biological Sciences (1980), Florida State University
Ph.D. in Exercise Science (1987), University of Iowa
Postdoctoral training in pharmacology (1988-1990),University of Arizona


University Service:
Biomedical Advisory Committee (BAC; 2001-2015)
BAC chair (2006-2012)
Faculty Rep, GPC Review Committee of Biomedical Sciences (2011–2012)
Faculty Rep, GPC Review Committee of Psychology (2009–2010)
AAU membership Task Force (2005)
Pathways of Excellence Executive Committee (2005-06)
Search Committee for Director of LAR (2007-08)

Peer Review Committee, American Heart Assoc., Fl. Affiliate, 1993-97 (Vice-Chairman:1995-96; Chairman:1996-97)
Peer Review, Southern Consortium, AHA 1997-98, 1999-02
Research Policy and Guidelines Review Task Force, American Heart Assoc. Fl. Affiliate, 1995-6
Research Committee, American Heart Assoc., Fl. Affiliate, 1995-02 (vice chair, 1998-99; chair, 2000-02)
Public Advocacy Committee, Florida Affiliate of the Am. Heart Assoc, 1998-2002
Science Integration Committee, Fl.-Puerto Rico AHA; Chair: 2001-03


Developing Scholar Award (1996), Florida State University
Research Career Enhancement Award (1996), American Physiological Society
American Heart Association (2001), Gold Affiliate Service Award
Betty Watts Professorship (2004-05), Florida State University
Fellow (2007), American Heart Association and Council for High Blood Pressure


American Physiological Society


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