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Research Funding & Collaborations

Contact Information

Contact Information:

MSB Suite G-117
Phone: (850) 645-9184
Fax: (850) 645-7153

Phone: (850) 645-7150

Faculty Research Collaborations

Through collegial efforts, faculty interest groups around research themes have been established to facilitate communication of research interests and the formation of potential collaborative scientific and scholarly pursuits.  Information on these faculty interest groups and how to get involved is available at the link provided on the left-hand navigation bar.

Office of Research Administration (Med-RA)

We are a customer service-oriented office providing a wide range of assistance to College of Medicine faculty, staff and students including identify funding opportunities and managing the approval or transfer process for externally sponsored contracts and grants during what is commonly referred to as the pre-award phase. Med-RA is responsible for all matters pertaining to research proposals until such time as the contract, grant, or sub-contract is awarded. Post-award support is provided by Research Accounting.

Latest Funding Opportunities and Announcements Newsletter

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September 2014 Med-RA Funding Opportunities & Announcements Newsletter

Other funding resources can be found using either the link provided on the left-hand navigation bar or the links shown in the table below.

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