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A few Global Health Organizations that have taken FSU COM students include:


From the website -- "Organized experiences ranging from 2-16 weeks in many countries/regions including Central and South America, India and Africa. Several students have travelled with this organization and have a universally positive experience. Some include Spanish language training. Many have a specific focus such as infectious disease, reproductive health, etc., and others are general."

Comment from Dr. Van Durme- "They are (probably) the best run program for students."


From their website -- "The Fogarty International Center at NIH offers a variety of funding opportunities to support the field of global health research. Fogarty also offers a variety of resources for those seeking global health research funding across NIH, and from other organizations."


From the website -- "Since 1996, this interdisciplinary and international group has been working in rural and remote areas of the Himalayas with teams of health care professionals; medical, dental, nursing students, and other volunteers running "primary and public health camps" in villages, local schools, and monasteries."


From the website -- "As the acknowledged leader in global public health issues, WHO is committed to building future leaders in public health. WHO's Internship Program provides a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insight into the work of WHO. Every year a limited number of places for internships are available. This is office (not field) work."


Online listings of other opportunities include:

Run by AMSA, this is the only listing specifically for medical students. Hundreds of opportunities listed by country or region. Lots of important information included for each location such as cost, housing available, language proficiency required, etc.


This site is a collection of links to many different programs that specifically take students and/or residents and NOT just in Family Medicine. It lists many not-for-profit organizations with a brief description and link.


Set up by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, this is a listing of dozens of programs with links to their websites. It does not have specific search function. It has a smaller number of programs since it only lists those with a longer, well-established track record.


IMVA is a clearinghouse between potential volunteers and volunteer organizations. Info about finding the right volunteer organizations or opportunity to fit you, how to prepare, etc. The site lists hundreds of organizations with info about where they serve, requirements for volunteers, funding, and whom to contact.