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Tallahassee Regional Medical School Campus

As a community-based medical school, the Florida State University College of Medicine provides third- and fourth-year clinical training at regional medical school campuses around the state through affiliations with local physicians, ambulatory care facilities and hospitals.

At the Regional Medical School Campus - Tallahassee, clerkship directors from the Tallahassee area direct the students' rotations in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, geriatrics, psychiatry and emergency medicine. Additional community physicians serve as clerkship faculty in these and other clinical areas.

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Our Campus at a Glance

In the Spotlight

  • Birthday Celebration Nicholas Mangnitz, Gregorie Elie, Dr. Hartsfield, Megan Walley, Jared Davis and Adam Baptiste

  • Dr. Stephanie Cruz Lee with Dr. Matt Lee, and guest

  • Leslee Paige Dixon, Dr. David Dixon, Mollie Hill, and Paul Hill

  • Coach Leonard Hamilton, and Karl Hicks, Deputy Director of Athletics

  • Coach Leonard Hamilton and Dr. Alma Littles

  • Kyle Andrews, Class of 2016 welcoming guest to the Wine Tasting Gala.

  • Julie Montenero and Dr. Alma Littles

  • Dr. John Fogarty, Dan Parisi, and Dr. Joe Camps

  • Dr. John Fogarty, Julie Montenero, Warren Jones, and Faith Jones.

  • Dr. Cynthia Kimble, Dr. Joe Camps, Marion Camps, Dr. Wayne Batchelor, Zan Batchelor, and Dr. Alma Littles.

  • It was great to see a few of our distinguished Alumni at our All-Faculty Dr. Tracy Graham, Dr. Randa Perkins, Dr. Tanya Evers and Dr. Amy Reimer Neal!

  • Congratulations to Dr. Shelby Blank for receiving the Outstanding Clinical Faculty Award! Pictured here with An Lawrence, Class of 2015.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Charles Long in receiving our Mission Leadership Award!

  • Congratulations Class of 2014!!

  • Welcome back to Florida Dr. Allessa Allison, Class of 2010, who will be practicing medicine with as an OB/GYN with Advanced Women's Care, in Pensacola, Florida!!

  • Welcome back to Tallahassee Dr. Nicole Courtois McCoy, Class of 2010, who will be coming back for one year to work with Dr. Thomas Truman at the Pediatrix Medical Group, before she heads to UAB to do her anesthesia residency.

  • Our Regional Campus Administrator, Elaine Geissinger at our dinner in the Osceola Room of the University Club.

  • Our Clinical Coordinator, Julie Peacock at our dinner in the Osceola Room of the University Club.

  • 4th Year student Ryan Shannon participated in the student panel to talk to the new 3rd year students about what they could expect during their rotations.

  • 4th Year student Sarah Robins also served on the student panel to talk to the new 3rd year students about what they could expect during their rotations.

  • 4th Year student Melanie Siefman arrived to talk to the new 3rd year students as part of a panel.

  • Dr. Julia Weeks, Clerkship Director for Family Medicine provided an overall view of the Family Medicine Rotation.

  • Medical Students Christopher Yu, Amanda Gilbertsen, and Robyn Torof.

  • Medical Students Megan Walley and Casey Burnette.

  • Class of 2016 medical students Hanna Lee and Nicholas Mangnitz.

  • Class of 2015 pictured at our 4th Year orientation at FSU University Club.

  • Congrats to Dr. Randa Perkins, Executive Director of Medical Informatics at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, who is now offering an informatics elective to our 4th year students!

  • Elaine Geissinger and Dr. Julia Weeks.

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