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Tallahassee Regional Medical School Campus

As a community-based medical school, the Florida State University College of Medicine provides third- and fourth-year clinical training at regional medical school campuses around the state through affiliations with local physicians, ambulatory care facilities and hospitals.

At the Regional Medical School Campus - Tallahassee, clerkship directors from the Tallahassee area direct the students' rotations in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics-gynecology, geriatrics, psychiatry and emergency medicine. Additional community physicians serve as clerkship faculty in these and other clinical areas.

Our Campus at a Glance

In the Spotlight

  • Dr. Mitchell Whitehead, Class of 2014, Dr. Mark Akerson, Amanda Danley, Class of 2016, and Dr. John Spence.

  • Dr. Christienne Alexander (center), with Jarrod Robertson, and Alessandra Taylor, both from the Class of 2017.

  • Dr. Calvin Reams, Clerkship Administrator for Thomasville, Dr. Floyd Jaggears, and Dr. Melissa Bruhn.

  • Dr. Stephen Quintero, Dr. Nighat Ahmed, and Dr. Daniel Van Durme, Professor and Chair, Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health Director, FSU College of Medicine Center on Global Health.

  • Elaine Geissinger, Regional Campus Administrator, with Dr. Matthew Buck, Class of 2010, and Julie Peacock, Clinical Coordinator, for the Tallahassee Regional Campus.

  • Dr. Matthew Buck, Class of 2010, Dr. Chris Sundstrom, Class of 2006, Dr. David O'Bryan, and Dr. Alma Littles.

  • Jarrod Robertson, Class of 2017, speaking at the All-Faculty Meeting on the importance of the Stride program.

  • Dr. John Spence, Dr. Mark Akerson, both recipients of the Mission Leadership Award are flanked by Dr. Ronald Hartsfield on the very left, Dr.

  • Dr. David O'Bryan, recipient of the Outstanding Clinical Faculty Award, stands with Dr. Ronald Hartsfield, (left) Dean of the Tallahassee Regional Campus, and Dr.

  • Dr. Jim Stockwell, Dr. Charles Long, and Dr. Mike Forsthoefel.

  • Dr. Matthew Standridge with Dr. Curtis Stine, Associate Chair, Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health,Director of Clinical Programs, Curriculum Development and Evaluation, and Jarrod Robertson, Class of 2017.

  • Dr. Andrea Friall with Dr. Alma Littles, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and Academic Affairs, of the College of Medicine.

  • Dr. John Fogarty, Dean of the College of Medicine, speaking to our audience at our All-Faculty meeting.

  • Dr. David O'Bryan, recipient of the Outstanding Clinical Faculty Award, pictured here with Beth Sundstrom and Dr. Chris Sundstrom.

  • Dr. Josefina Baluga, Dr. Steven Spence, Dr. Anthony Speights, Dr. Vicki Alberts.

  • Dr. David Dixon, Leslee Paige Dixon, Becky McAlpine, and Dr. Kenneth McAlpine.

  • Dr. Chris Sundstrom, Class of 2006, honored Dr. David O'Bryan at our All-Faculty meeting.

  • Dr. Matthew Buck, Class of 2010, with Dr. Calvin Reams.

  • Dr. Dan Van Durme, Dr. Roland Jones and Dr. Lynn Jones.

  • Alessandra Taylor, Class of 2017, speaking at our All-Faculty on the importance of the Bridge program.

  • Dr. Mark Akerson, Cathy Akerson, Sabrina Spence, Dr. John Spence, Dr. Steven Spence, and Dr. Anthony Speights.

  • Class of 2015

  • Dr. Joan Meek Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education providing tips for residency applications.

  • Class of 2016 4th Year Orientation

  • Kathryn Seitz, Robert Moore and Rolande Lumene.

  • Elaine Geissinger, Dr. Nicole McCoy, Class of 2010, and Julie Peacock.

  • Dr. Ray Bellamy, Clerkship Director for Surgery, and Elaine Geissinger, Regional Campus Administrator.

  • Dr. Rudy Hehn, Susan Hehn, Mary Agens, Dr. John Agens, Kathy Zorn and Dr. Richard Zorn.

  • Dr. Ron Hartsfield, Kristopher "Ryan" Shannon, and Robert Moore.

  • Dr. Alma Littles, Cindy Tyler, Mollie Hill and Julie Peacock.

  • Carol Long with her husband Dr. Charles Long, and Mollie Hill.

  • Kyle Andrews, Class of 2016 welcoming guests to the Wine Tasting Gala.

  • Dr. Stephanie Cruz Lee with Dr. Matt Lee, and guest

  • Leslee Paige Dixon, Dr. David Dixon, Mollie Hill, and Paul Hill

  • Coach Leonard Hamilton, and Karl Hicks, Deputy Director of Athletics

  • Coach Leonard Hamilton and Dr. Alma Littles

  • Julie Montenero and Dr. Alma Littles

  • Dr. John Fogarty, Dan Parisi, and Dr. Joe Camps

  • Dr. John Fogarty, Julie Montenero, Warren Jones, and Faith Jones.

  • Dr. Cynthia Kimble, Dr. Joe Camps, Marion Camps, Dr. Wayne Batchelor, Zan Batchelor, and Dr. Alma Littles.

Contact Information

Tallahassee Regional Campus Administrator
Florida State University
Regional Medical School Campus - Tallahassee
3331 Capital Oaks Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308-4513
Phone: (850) 645-1232
Fax: (850) 645-1229

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